General Information

Informations generales

The currency

The official currency in Côte d’Ivoire is CFA Franc XOF (Franc of West African Communities) and is only available in West Africa. The euro and the US dollar can be easily changed in big cities, banks and some hotels. 1 € = about 656 XOF CFAF.


Apart from restaurants, transport and shops, prices in Ivory-Coast are negotiable. Keep cool during the negotiations on the markets and offer 20-50% lower than the price offered by sellers. After all, bargaining should be fun.

Credit cards and traveler’s checks

Carte de credit

Using traveler’s checks can be difficult in Ivory Coast, as they are not often accepted. If you decided to use them, use only traveller’s checks in Euro/ Dollar. The use of credit cards is easier and cash machines are plentiful in major cities. However, credit cards are not accepted at all stores.


Tipping is generally regarded as a kind reward for good service. If you are satisfied with the services, you can show it by offering a tip. There is no standard rate and by no means an obligation; it depends entirely on you.

Driver's license

If you intend to rent or use a vehicle in Ivory Coast, your national license will be sufficient for a short stay of fewer than 6 months. Holding an international or Ivorian driving license is not mandatory. For a stay of more than 6 months, you will need to convert your license into Ivorian license.



• Only swim in areas meant for swimming
•  Do not swim beyond the bathing areas indicated.
•  Avoid drinking water when swimming


Heat-related illnesses can be fatal, so it is important to drink a lot and eat regularly. This compensates for the loss of water and salt in the body. Light clothing is appropriate for the heat.



It is always important to ask permission before taking pictures. In some areas, people do not like being photographed and may feel offended. It is also forbidden to photograph government buildings, military installations and airports.

Electrical outlets


Electrical outlets in Ivory-Coast, as in most European countries, have two round pins with a voltage of 220V / 50H.