Historical and seaside tourism in Ivory Coast

08 days and 07 nights to discover Abidjan - Grand-Bassam - Sassandra - and Grand-Béréby

Ancien palais du gouverneur de Sassandra
Ancien palais du gouverneur de Sassandra

This tour will permit visitors to discover one of the most important historic cities Côte d’Ivoire (Grand-Bassam) and to better understand the history and effects of colonization thanks to the visit of colonial edifices, statues, museums, and monuments. Grand-Bassam was the political capital of Côte d’Ivoire between 1893 and 1900. It is one of the Ivorian cities with exceptional colonial heritages.

The National Clothes Museum, created in 1981, was put in place for the conservation of national clothes collections, organization, and development of the Ivoirian clothing arts.
The French colonial quarter, situated in the city of Grand-Bassam testify of the colonial era with the presence of several historic buildings and monuments. These buildings are made up of modern colonial architectures endowed with galleries, verandas and numerous gardens to visit.
The Liberty Statue and the Bridge of Victory Grand-Bassam shall also be at the rendezvous. The Liberty Monument was built in remembrance of the Women’s manifestation of December 24, 1949. Following the arrest and detention of their husbands, the women decided to march at Grand-Bassam to reclaim their liberation. They headed towards Grand Bassam via the Bridge of Victory. Unfortunately, they were arrested, brutalized and killed by the colonial authorities. This monument was therefore built in honor of them to salute the courage of these heroines.
Besides being a historic city, Grand-Bassam is a coastal city which together with its beaches made up must-visit destination for visitors to Côte d’Ivoire. Its beaches attract hundreds of visitors every weekend and offer enormous pleasure to lovers of water sports, fishing, sunbath and relaxation.

Day 1 : Hexagon – Abidjan

Air Ivoire
– Arrival of visitors and welcome at the Felix Houphouët Boigny Airport of Abidjan by our agents,
– Transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 2 : Abidjan – Grand-Bassam - Abidjan

Statut de la Liberté
– Breakfast and excursion to Grand-Bassam, a historic city and ancient political capital of Côte d’Ivoire (1893-1900),  – Visit to the National Clothes Museum created in 1981, in order to conserve national collections of clothing, organize, develop and carry out research concerning the arts of dressmaking in Côte d’Ivoire. It has an important collection of traditional clothes from all the regions of Côte d’Ivoire, – Lunch in a restaurant at Grand-Bassam, – Visit the France quarter, which testifies of the colonial period with the presence of numerous historic buildings and Monuments. The site has buildings with modern colonial architectures endowed with galleries, verandas and numerous
gardens,  – Visit of the Liberty Statue, a monument that was built in memory of the women march of December 24, 1949, following the arrest and detention of their husbands. Their objective was the liberation of their husbands and an uprising against colonialism.
– Return to Abidjan, dinner and overnight.

Day 3 : Abidjan - Sassandra

Ancien palais du gouverneur de Sassandra
– Breakfast and early morning departure by road from Abidjan to Sassandra (271 km),
– Arrival at Sassandra, installation at hotel and lunch, – Historic city tour Sassandra and discovery of the governor’s palace of Sassandra, an ancient edifice that is full of colonial history between Côte d’Ivoire and France, its construction was finalized and handed over on the 18 of April 1893. It was constructed on an escapement, and this geographic position offers it a beautiful panoramic view to all the tourist sites such as the Sassandra bay, the Artisanal Port, the wharf as well as the ancient commercial counters of the colonial era, – Return to hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 4 : Sassandra

Mare aux Hippopotammes
– Wake up, breakfast and departure via pirogue for the search of hippopotamus in the Sassandra River,
– Return to the hotel in the afternoon, and dinner,
– Take off for the discovery of the wild beaches of Sassandra which compete in beauty among themselves. On one side we find a magnificent beach that is suitable for swimming and on the other side, visitors are marveled by the rocks rendered this portion of the beach virgin,
– Return to hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 5 : Grand-Béréby

Le warf de Sassandra
– Breakfast and discovery of the Sassandra Wharf, constructed in 1951, which until date is one of the most visited attractions in Côte d’Ivoire. It is the fourth in the country and had once facilitated maritime exchange between Côte d’Ivoire and other countries, until the opening of the Vridi Canal and the Port of Abidjan,
– Take off from Sassandra for Grand Béréby,
– Arrival, installation at hotel and lunch,
– Beach relaxation, picnic at the shoreline and free night.

Day 6 : Grand-Béréby

– Breakfast and excursion by pirogue to the Néro River,
– Face to face with the monkeys of the forest and discover the Grand-Bereby Mangroves,
– Meet and greet the chief of Néro Mer village, hospitality gesture ceremony and visit of the seaside village,
– Take off for the wild beaches in the late evening, and picnic on the beach,
– Return to hotel, dinner and free night.

Day 7 : Grand Béréby - Abidjan

Sports nautiques
– Breakfast and then starts of beach amusements and water sports right up to mid-day,
– Lunch and transfer to the San Pedro Airport for return to Abidjan via the Air Côte d’Ivoire internal flight. Flight Departure: 07:25pm/Flight Arrival: 08:20pm,
– Transfer to hotel, dinner, and overnight.

Day 8 : Abidjan – Hexagone

Zoo d'Abidjan
– Breakfast and visit of the National Zoo of Abidjan, created in 1972 as a private property before becoming a State property placed under the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forest in the same year. It is the ideal place to reconnect with wildlife. A visit to the zoo will permit to generate necessary funds for the survival and amelioration of the living condition of the animals in the zoo,
– Return to the hotel in the afternoon, lunch, trip evaluation and transfer to the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Airport for flight to the hexagon.
– End of Circuit
Price: 1,591 € / pers. (6 pax)
Price: 1,746 € / pers. (4 pax)
Price: 2,163 € / pers. (2 pax)

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► Reception and escort by our agent

► Transport and professional driver

► Accommodation in a double room

► Full board meals.

► Entrance fees into the attractions.

► Toll fees. 

► Guided tours of all the sites and attractions indicated in the program.

► Boats/Canoe rides

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► Costs related to travel formalities such as visa and immigration charges.

► Costs related to travel insurance.

► Additional expenses of the tourist such as the purchase of souvenirs.

► Alcoholic drinks such as liqueurs, wines, and whiskeys.

► Tips and gifts (freewill gestures).

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► Food exigencies; diabetes, vegetarian etc.

NB : This program can be modified by demand to suit the expectations of the tourist(s).