Tourist Attractions of the Kabadougou and the Poro Regions

The Kabadougou region

La préfecture d'Ondienne
La préfecture d'Ondienne

Located in the northwest of the country, the capital of the Kabadougou region is the city of Odienné. Together with the region of Folon, they made up the district of Denguélé. It is bordered to the north by the Folon region, to the east by the Bagoué region, to the south by the Baffing and Worodougou regions. To the west by the Republic of Liberia. The Kabadougou region is divided into 8 divisions (Samatiguila, Odienne, Madinani, Bako, Tieme, Seguelon, Dioulatiedougou and Seydougou) and is rich in craftsmanship, culture and history. This region is populated largely by the Malinké who settled in Ivory Coast since the 15th century.

The Denguelé massif

Massif de Denguele

The Denguélé massif (which means single child in the Malinke language) is a sacred mystical mountain that culminates at an altitude of 806 meters and bears the name of the region. It is endowed with marvelous caves and one can observe a large stone placed on a smaller one in a balance out of the ordinary.

The Tiemé monument in honor of René Caille

Rene Caille

René Caille is a French explorer who was born in 1799 in France. He began his first expedition to Africa at the age of 17. This region hosts the hut where he stayed between 1927 and 1928, while he was being treated by a local woman. This hut also shelters the valiant Guinean fighter Samory Toure.

The sacred lake of Semé

Le lac sacré

The sacred lake of Semé is made up of huge catfish that rush to the surface as if to greet you when you go there. These catfish are considered sacred by the inhabitants of the region.

The city of Samatiguila

La mosquee de samatiguila

This city is also endowed with marvelous tourist sites. It shelters a very old religious center having radiated on Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, and Guinea. This center has 28 Koranic schools and a famous sacred mosque. The city of Samatiguila is a high place of pilgrimage located only 40 km from Odiénné.

The Poro region

La Danse Ngoron
La danse Ngoro

The Poro Region is closer to Mali and Burkina Faso, and belongs to the Savannah District with Korhogo Ferkessédougou and Boundiali as its headquarter. The Savannah District covers a surface area of 40,323 km2 and has an estimated population of 1,388,142 (2012). This region is characterized by its enormous cultural, artisanal and agricultural wealth. Its population consists mainly of Malinke, Senoufos and Fulani peoples, who live mainly from agriculture, including cotton growing.

The city of Korhogo

Bienvenue à Korhogo

Situated some 635 km north of Abidjan, Korhogo has a population of 286,071 and is the fourth largest city in Côte d’Ivoire in terms of population and economy. Korhogo is the capital of the Savannah District and the Poro Region. The city of Korhogo is blessed with several must-see tourist sites such as: The Natiokobadara shea butter factories, the Waraniene weavers ‘village, the Fakaha painting village, the iron blacksmith village in Koni, the sacred rock of Chienleo which is a place of pilgrimage, adoration and sacrifice, the Tanguikaha wood carvers, the Ugan craft center, with exhibition and sale of handicrafts, and the Kapele pearls making of the village. Festivals and 

ceremonies are equally organized with mystical dances. Mount Korhogo, which offers a panoramic view of the city and rises to a height of 567 m, is the ideal place for hiking.

The city of Kong

Mosquée de Kong

The city of Kong is a small town located in the Savannah District. It was the capital of the Kong Empire from 1710-1895. It is a historic city and is rich in tourist sites and historical monuments. We can find here, the monumental tomb of Captain MARCHAND, the Kong Museum as the center of conservation of the rest of the Kong Empire in which we can find objects that tell the story of the population and dynasties of the Kong Empire, and the large and small mosque of the 17th century and the Kawara Mosque, which are traditional handmade jewels with Sudanese architecture. The Gba wall, which is the place for the execution of the recalcitrant of the Kong Empire and the vast

sugar cane plantations can also be visited.

The Ngoron Dance in Boundiali

La Danse Ngoro

The Ngoron Dance is a famous traditional dance that is performed only by virgin girls and is well appreciated by both the villagers and the visitors. The potters, blacksmith, sculptors and weavers in the city of Kouto are also on the rendezvous and will seduce you with their arts and know-how.